• Agricultural Weather dot Com

    Agricultural Weather dot Com

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    Complete Agricultural (agweather) weather for the farming community.The most comprehensive weather site for farmers. Weather Forceast Map, National Weather Data By State,Temperature Map, Water Vapor Imagery, 10 DayTemperature Outlook, 10 Day Precipitation..
  • Agricultural Weather Information Service (AWIS)

    Agricultural Weather Information Service (AWIS)

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    Ag Weather for Ag Producers. Freeze/frost forecasting and weather to help producers plant, apply pesticides, schedule irrigation and field work, monitor crop development, transport live stock, harvest and more... This will impact your bottom line
  • Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS)

    Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS)

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    The Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS), located at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, is a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center whose mission is to demonstrate the practicability of small-scale numerical weather pr.
  • Compu-Weather, Inc.

    Compu-Weather, Inc.

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    Compu-Weather was founded in 1975 and is a world leader in documenting past weather conditions, and in providing site-specific forecasts for weather-sensitive industry and the media. 24-hour fax services and consultation provided for contractors, radio st..
  • Fleetweather


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    Fleetweather was founded in 1969 and is a world leader in providing weather sensitive industry with detailed site forecasts and consultation. 24-hour services provided for contractors, steamship companies, and terminal operators as well as film producers..
  • Freese-Notis Weather.Net

    Freese-Notis Weather.Net

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    Freese-Notis Weather.Net is the leader on the Internet for Commercial Weather. Our goal enables users of weather for commercial purposes to succeed by utilizing the talents of top level meteorologists with forecasting experience that delivers sound advice...
  • Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN)

    Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN)

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    The National Weather Service's Internet data source...
  • AccuWeather


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    AccuWeather's expands its position as the world's premiere provider of weather forecasts, data, graphics and related information through the provision of the highest quality products to our cliets...
  • Roemer Weather, Inc.

    Roemer Weather, Inc.

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    We are an internationally known Meteorologist/Commodity Advisor with a good reputation. We have a variety of weather products including moisture maps and our unique Trade Winds Newsletter, which gives information on the commodity crops around the world..
  • EarthWatch Communications, Inc

    EarthWatch Communications, Inc

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    EarthWatch is a software package that integrates 3-D weather visualization with a global database to create a virtual world. EarthWatch Communications, Inc. currently serves the broadcast, educational, GIS, post-production and film markets with direct sal...